001 Happy New Year

Some time ago (not that long ago, I am ashamed to admit it) I woke up with that feeling of achieving everything that I wanted. Go to the park to do some exercise everyday. Sign up for some gym. Start to save some money to finally get the car I wanted. Ask for some information and then sign up for the master’s degree that I was interested in.


Or to finally start that project that I wanted to start all these years but for a reason I didn’t do it. I had so many good ideas and wishes. Does it sound familiar to you?


The first week it was awesome. I was so excited and I almost achieved everything that I planned for it. I went to the park almost everyday. I didn’t sign up for a gym because I was doing good with exercise for that moment.


I saved a little for my new car. I asked for some information for my master’s degree and bought an online membership to work in my business plan for the project.


In the second week it was hard to save for the car. In 3 days I couldn’t go to the park to do some exercise it was too cold. And for the master’s degree and the project… I really didn’t have enough time.


By the third week I didn’t go to the park. I was in my normal routine. I was sleeping until late and waking up late, of course. I had so much work to do. Stress and many unavoidable meetings that I had to attend. It was too cold in the morning. I could get sick and many other things that prevented me from going to the park in the morning. I had no time at all to see anything about the master’s degree or projects.


Without money or time, what can you do about it? Then I stopped to think. What happened that my plans started to break down? If I had planned everything just fine? Why? Even I didn’t talk about my plans to anyone because it is well known that if your tell your dreams they won’t come true.


I stopped from checking my plans. Doing so I was going to skip that part of feeling miserable because I couldn’t achieve them. Before the end of the year talking with a friend about the goals that I didn’t accomplish he asked me, why do you justify?


Well, I did my best but I couldn’t make it I… He interrupted me saying, OK OK OK Did you write down your goals? I answered, what for? You never see what you plan. Always something happens and ruins your plans. Why would I care to write them down?


That’s right he said to me. A positive mind will always find a way to accomplish something. A negative mind will make excuses for not doing it. So, why do you justify yourself?.


That’s how the Daily Miracle started. I decided that I would do something different. I rather act than justify myself. So I started to write my resolutions. I filled up a big list of all the things that I wanted to achieve during the year. I wrote deadlines for every one of them.


Even when it hurt to do not achieve them all at once at least I knew how good or bad I was doing. I feel happy because I am on my way to do many interesting things. What you are reading right now is part of it. This project started the first day of the year and with your help it will be ongoing until you want it.


What you put into your memory it easily erases. Write it down better! Just in case you don’t know how to start I share with you my step by step guide to make your Life Plan (only in Spanish now, it will be available in English soon).


This guide helped me to achieve many goals, keep me concentrated and focused. So I know that even when I had some things undone, I know what I need to do to finished them because I already started them. My challenge is to finish them this year. And what about you? What are your projects for this year? Did you write them down?


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